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The POSHDOC Initiative
Homepage of the POSHDOC initiative
poshdoc / Page
A POSHDOC page is simply one HTML file
poshdoc / Document
A POSHDOC document is a directory with an index.html page and related assets
poshdoc / Collection
A POSHDOC collection is a directory hierarchy containing pages and documents
ToDo items of The POSHDOC Initiative's Homepage
poshdoc / Structure
Documentation of POSHDOC structure elements
poshdoc / collection / Topic
A Topic is a short content page covering just one ... topic
poshdoc / collection / Content Listings
Navigate through collections of content
poshdoc / Content
Documentation of POSHDOC content semantic elements
poshdoc / Metadata
POSHDOC Metadata Approach
about / Propositions
What The POSHDOC Initiative wants to achieve
project / The Poshy Editor
The Poshy Editor - a desktop application for reading and writing POSHDOCS
about / Status
The status of The POSHDOC Initiative and its projects
about / What's in that name?
What the word POSHDOC means
about / Who
Who is behind The POSHDOC Initiative
about / This site
How is this site made