Conveying content structure

File structure

In POSHDOC files document metadata and content is strictly separated.

Content structure

With content structure we define hierarchical structuring of content, i.e. sections, subsection and so on. In POSHDOC pages and documents this is done with HTML headers, in collections the hierarchy corresponds to the underlying directory hierarchy. One means of access to the content elements are Content Listings

Todo Headings
Headings are the primary means of content structure.

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The primary means of structuring a HTML document are the <h*> elements. Inside the content section, h2 is the top level heading, h3h6 are the successive subheadings.

A POSHDOC without <h*> content structuring is called a ToDo Topic .

POSHDOC software should be able to cope gracefully with <h1><h6> headings inside the content section. Also, ToDo presentation can be adjusted differently for body/article/header/h1 and body/article/section/h1. However the start-with-h2-in-content convention copes with the fact, that most browser by default will present the title and the first heading exactly the same way, which hampers proofreading in the browser.
ToDo Content Listings
Top level definition lists are used to structure POSHDOC collections.