Who is behind The POSHDOC Initiative

The POSHDOC Initiative was founded by Georg Lehner in late 2018. He can be contacted via the link in the footer of all pages of this Website.

Georg would really like to see more people here, if you feel inspired see how you can contribute and ask me to be listed.


Of course POSHDOC would not have been possible without inspiration from so many and the hard work they put into it, find here only but some references:

Tim Berners-Lee

Inventor of HTML and the WWW and still furthering the semantic web.

Ward Cunningham

Inventor of the Wiki and tireless explorer of how to connect minds through the web

The IndieWeb movement and its microformats.

Bringing the web back to the users and making semantics simple.

DITA - The Darwin Information Typing Architecture

Donated to the world by IBM and maintained by OASIS. DITA uses HTML for content and showcases small Topics as the nuclei for information reuse.

Jeremy Ruston

For showing us — with TiddlyWiki — how much information and functionality fits into one single HTML file.