First Take

Publish a first draft to a selected audience in order to get support

  1. Spellcheck.
  2. Publish draft on to:

    • Catalysts founders
    • Friends for review and eventual dissemination: Flo, Peter K., Andreas H.
    • Ward Cunningham?

Second Take

Go public with a basic feature set

  1. Document and put online pdocbot with current functionality
  2. Document all POSHDOC features used on the POSHDOC site
  3. Have a minimal Google viewer
  4. Publish on

Content Ideas

Blog articles

Technical/Scientific writing on the Web

Writing in sequence is easy, because you just append to the existing text. Writing in topics is difficult, because you must create and link new documents. This difficulty does not exist anymore.

Use Cases page

Related to the features page: use cases for:

Casual users
Note taking, Email,…
maintain design via pdocbot as static site generator
Get together bits and pieces
Get design agnostic contributions
Knowledge worker
Highly semantic documents, better then Word, almost as good as Latex, compatible with both
Software writers
A consistent standard against which to write converters, importers, ...
Knowledge communities
Versionable highly linked, reusable, portable document collections
Website administrators
Forget maintenance burdens of CMSs.

Definition lists

Definition lists are very versatile, they can be used for:

Abbreviation glossaries
Use <abbr> in the term; don't use <p> in the definition; render inline.
Term glossaries
Use <dfn> in the term; use <p> in the definition.
Function parameter lists
Use <code> in the term; use <p> in the definition; render inline.
Function description
Use <code> in the term. Use <p> in the definition, followed by a function parameter list.
Formula legends
Use <var> in the term; don't use <p> in the definition; render inline.
Question - Answer lists
Use <p> in the term and in the definition.
Standard definition lists
Potentially don't use <p> in the term; Use <p> in the definition.

Bullet and numbered lists

Compact lists w/o <p>, wide lists with <p>.


Left Overs

HTML and the Web originated at CERN in order to (re)connect information dispersed over a distributed team of scientists1. Over time we have seen HTML evolve into a graphical design language, survive all battles of the browser wars and — with CSS — separate content and presentation again. Still, HTML is considered a design language for websites and even an application platform.

POSHDOC uses HTML for the original use case: a tool for knowledge workers which allows them to knit their web of information.

And guess what? You will find out that this eases creating and sharing information in a way you haven't imagined yet.

See Also


The original proposal of the WWW, HTMLized


ToDo Items

rename non-content directories

css, js, pdocbot → _css, _js, _pdocbot, …


Document already working functions:

Including kind of a tutorial for a stable workflow.

Implement a blog update function


POSHDOC / Metadata

To Be Defined