The POSHDOC Metadata Approach

Relevant Metadata

Apart from the content itself, any document has associated a wealth of properties with different use cases: POSHDOCs provide some of this information out of the box, by virtue of HTML and some by default as result of using the POSHDOC format. POSHDOCs can also be enriched with additional metadata as needed.

Dublin Core

Originating in the librarian community, the Dublin Core provides a definition for a minimum set of metadata attributes: the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set — DCMES consisting of 15 elements1. The Qualified Dublin Core is a later defined superset of the DCMES.

Here is a short overview of the implementation of the DCMES in POSHDOC:
Present as HTML title element inside the header element and as the h1 element inside the body/article/header element nesting.
An entity primarily responsible for making the resource. While a metadata markup is yet to be defined , online content can fall back to the domain part of the URL as a reference of this element.
The topic of the resource. To be defined . Can be added via <a rel="tag" href="… hyperlinks when keywords are desired. Several use cases require controlled vocabularies with a specific semantic. The author has used institution specific document types like: Specification, Meeting Note, User Manual, … in several circumstances for the Subject element.
Present as HTML content attribute of the head/meta element with the name="description" attribute.
An entity responsible for making the resource available. to be defined , online content can fall back to the domain part of the URL as a reference of this element.
Can be added via mf2 authorship3
Can be added via mf2 h-entry dt-published and dt-updated properties.
POSHDOCs are always of type2Text
POSHDOCs are always of format text/html4. A registration of an additional MIME format text/poshdoc with file name extension .pdoc is to be defined .
To be defined . Online content can fall back to the URL as a reference of this element. An URL can also be specified via a <a rel="bookmark" href="… hyperlink.
To be defined
Specified in the charset attribute of the header/meta element.
Can be added via the rel attribute of the a element when used as internal or external link. Prospective attribute values are: alternate, help, next, prev.
The spatial or temporal topic of the resource, the spatial applicability of the resource, or the jurisdiction under which the resource is relevant. . To be defined .
Can be added in the article/footer/small element and referred to via a <a rel="license" href=… hyperlink.


ToDo: Add publishers, authors and years.

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