The Poshy Editor

A Desktop Application for reading and writing POSHDOCs


The Poshy Editor, or TPE for short, is a simple GUI editor for POSHDOCs, implemented as multi-platform desktop application with the following minimum of features:

Some ideas about desirable features:

Implementation Ideas

Electron is a building platform for desktop apps, which uses the Chromium browser for GUI rendering and JavaScript/node.js for programming. It supports the above mentioned operating systems out of the box.

There is already a HTML-editor application, called Ray, written for managing collections of notes. It uses, however, the Quill editor for HTML editing, whith a focus on normal text editor semantics (lines/columns) rather then semantic markup.

On the other side, CKEditor provides a mature HTML-centric editor, which is — supposedly — written for adaptability.

While TPE maybe could easily written from scratch, it seems that fitting CKEditor into Ray and adapting it for editing the POSHDOC specification could be a quick-win approach.

There is another approach, which fits even better with the semantic focus of The POSHDOC Initiative: WYMeditor.